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Deciphering the Universe

How Irish scientists contributed to an extraordinary achievement, the successful landing of a probe on a far distant comet. Following a ten year journey out into space, ESA’s Rosetta launched its Philae probe and seven hours later it signalled that it had landed on the Churyomov-Gerasimenko comet, 510 million km distant from Earth.


Paddy Gaffikin explains what's so special about Ireland's most common rock.

Glass Cancer

Experts explain production problems which cause some toughened glass to shatter.

Geo Images

Award winning photography from the annual Du Noyer Competition.

Inside a Jet Engine

A look inside the workings of an incredible engine.

Barking Mad

Why do some trees cast off their bark? Julia Galbenu explains.

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Science Spin Articles

Using light diodes to detect poisons

by Mossy Kelly

As part of our regular 'Day in the Lab' series, Mossy Kelly, DCU physics student, explains how he is conducting research into the use of low-cost light emitting diodes that could be used for the detection of poisons in drinking water

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Beauty Is In The 'Phi' Of The Beholder

by Sam Hafford

The rules of beauty can be reduced to an irrational mathematical constant, says Sam Hafford, overall winner of the RDS McWilliams Young Science Writers' Competition for 2009.

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On The Way Up

by Science Spin

Four transition year students from St Nessan’s Community College in Limerick are to launch an experiment into space. The four, Jamie O’Connell, Jonathon Roche, Kevin Hanley and Jason Hannon, will investigate how microgravity influences the solidification of reinforced concrete as it orbits Earth for 30 days.

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