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Blue or Pink?

What determines gender balance? Julia Galbenu takes a look at how temperature can affect the gender outcome of offspring.

Dirty Old Town

Tom Kennedy takes an in depth look at Dublin’s Industrial Heritage. A thousand year unbroken record of making things.

The Shapeshifting Punk

Sive Finlay investigates a frog that can not only change its camouflage but is even able to change its shape.


Margaret Franklin, co-author of "Colour; what we see and the science behind sight", explores the dual nature of Light.

How does a Fuel Cell work?

Jacob O'Neal gives an overview of the inner workings of fuel cell technology.

Insects on the Menu?

One Young Scientists project to put crickets rather than beef on the menu.

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Science Spin Articles

Irish Sharks; Hunting the Hunted

by Anthony King

The 1975 classic Hollywood film Jaws, etched an image in the public mind of sharks as ruthless man-eaters, but the reality is that sharks have more to fear from humans than we have to fear from them. Over-fishing of sharks in Irish waters is causing numbers here to dramatically fall, writes Anthony King

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The Laboratory Lover

by Sean Duke

what's it like to work on quality control in a pharmaceutical company? The moment that Aine Moyna caught the whiff of sulphur and saw the strange looking instruments she knew that she wanted to work in labs. Moyna talked to Seán Duke about her experience in working in labs.

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Bugs could stop plastic going to waste

by Sean Duke

Plastics - particularly those made from petrochemicals, called PET plastics - are very useful for all kinds of purposes. They are, however, also a major contributor to waste landfills. That is why the research of Dr Kevin O'Connor, UCD is so exciting. He has found three bacteria that can convert used PET into a more valuable form of plastic

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