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What’s the use of investing in science?

It all depends on what we expect by way of return. Scientists at the SFI summit did not think it is all just about money.

Could a cloud of volcanic ash create another mini-ice age?

Following an eruption that grounded flights, another Icelandic glacier covered volcano is likely to pose a much greater climate-changing threat.

The biopharma revolution

Using antibodies to guide drugs to their destination can make traditional treatment far more effective while giving Ireland’s pharmaceutical sector a big boost.

Rock scientists

Geologists are planning to make better use of Ireland’s natural resource through a new organisation, iCRAG.


Through a clever combination of physics, engineering and biotechnology, medical testing can now be done with the spin of a disk.

Young Scientist Exhibition

Are you going to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition at the RDS? Science Spin will be there, so visit us at Stand W25!

Science Spin Articles

Saving the world, one watt at a time

by Sean Duke

The current methods of providing power to microprocessors are highly inefficient, with almost half of all energy lost before it gets to where it's needed. A breakthrough technology called 'power on a chip', developed at Tyndall National Institute, can massively reduce energy loses by embedding the power source within each microchip.

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Ancient Surgical Skills

by Tom Kennedy

Even with advanced technology, surgeons would be reluctant to drill holes into a skull, yet over 1,000 years ago in Peru this was an accepted procedure. During excavations in the Andahuaylas province of Peru evidence for 45 separate trepanation was seen on 32 individual skulls.

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The first Hibernians

by Anthony King

Ireland's earliest settlers lived in wooden huts along the river Bann in Co Antrim and spent theirdays hunting in a rich landscape populated by such exotic creatures as lynx, bear and wolves - such as the one pictured here. Scientists have begun to better understand the lifestyles of these earliest setttlers, and the environment in which they lived.

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