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Blue or Pink?

What determines gender balance? Julia Galbenu takes a look at how temperature can affect the gender outcome of offspring.

Dirty Old Town

Tom Kennedy takes an in depth look at Dublin’s Industrial Heritage. A thousand year unbroken record of making things.

The Shapeshifting Punk

Sive Finlay investigates a frog that can not only change its camouflage but is even able to change its shape.


Margaret Franklin, co-author of "Colour; what we see and the science behind sight", explores the dual nature of Light.

How does a Fuel Cell work?

Jacob O'Neal gives an overview of the inner workings of fuel cell technology.

Insects on the Menu?

One Young Scientists project to put crickets rather than beef on the menu.

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Science Spin Articles

Synthetic cannabis; a wonder drug for MS?

by Veronica Miller

Cannabis is illegal in Ireland for good reason. It can cause dizziness, paranoia and even psychosis. Against that it has been shown in several studies to alleviate certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis, or MS. Scientist at NUIM have produced a synthetic form of cannabis that they believe has all the positive benefits to MS patients, but none of the negative side-effects normally associated with the drug

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Grid-computing provides awesome computational power

by Tom Kennedy

Scientists of all kinds, from astronomers to DNA code breakers, require huge computational power to make sense of enormous volumes of data. The linking of powerful computers, through a grid, known as grid-computing, a process facilitated by the HEA, which set up a high capacity network called HEAnet, is providing Irish based scientists with the awesome computational powers they require to store massive amounts of data, run predictive models, and even test out concepts of the origin of matter.

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Áine Hyland Interviewed on New Science Curriculum

by Tom Kennedy

An Exclusive first interview with Áine Hyland Following her talk at the ISTA (Irish Science Teachers' Association) Conference in Galway after presenting her report on the design of the Leaving Certificate Science Syllabi. 

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