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Deciphering the Universe

How Irish scientists contributed to an extraordinary achievement, the successful landing of a probe on a far distant comet. Following a ten year journey out into space, ESA’s Rosetta launched its Philae probe and seven hours later it signalled that it had landed on the Churyomov-Gerasimenko comet, 510 million km distant from Earth.


Paddy Gaffikin explains what's so special about Ireland's most common rock.

Glass Cancer

Experts explain production problems which cause some toughened glass to shatter.

Geo Images

Award winning photography from the annual Du Noyer Competition.

Inside a Jet Engine

A look inside the workings of an incredible engine.

Barking Mad

Why do some trees cast off their bark? Julia Galbenu explains.

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Young Scientists, Careers, Ask a Scientist, Family Science and Weird & Wonderful Animals all inside this issue!

Science Spin Articles

Who Owns Your DNA?

by Lisa Duffy

Are people's DNA sequences their own business and nobody else's. In an essay that won the annual REMEDI essay competition for schools, Lisa Duffy, a student at Castleblayney College, Monaghan, considers when, if ever, it is right to use the DNA without the consent of owners.

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More specialised courses not the way forward

by Niamh Mullooly

Greater specialisation of science courses at third level over the last decade has co-incided with the fall off in applications for science and engineering courses by school leavers. It would be far better - for attracting students - to have less narrow and specialised course options on offer.

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Survey Sheds Light on Lives of Irish Bats

by Anthony King

There are ten species of bat that make Ireland their home, but despite the fact that many of them like to 'hang out' close to us humans, in our houses, churches and old buildings, we know suprisingly little about them. A bat survey is underway to find out more about out bats. How many bats are there in Ireland, where are they, how exactly do they live their lives? It is hoped that this survey work will advance academic knowledge and help with bat conservation efforts.

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