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Science Spin 67

In a Spin

Why do cats always land on their feet? They instinctively know about the power of spin. The power of spin is all around us, so familiar that we sometimes forget that it is there.

Science Week

With lots of activities lined up around the countries for Science Week we take a look at what’s on during mid November.

Tuning in to space

Ireland is making a bid to set up a radio telescope that can probe deep into space.

Protein Factories

The rise of antibiotic resistance is now regarded as a huge threat to human health. By discovering how all our proteins are made, scientists may be able to halt that rise of drug resistance, but is big pharma ready to help?

The Northern Lights

Margaret Franklin explains why the northern skies sometimes light up at night.

Ask a Scientist

How deep can we mine? What colour is the Moon? Where does uranium come from, and can we tap into frozen energy supplies? Our panel of scientists answers readers’ questions.

Science Spin Articles

Solving the sunspot riddle

by Gerry Byrne

Sunspots that appear on the surface of our nearest Star, occur in cycles and astronomers have started to make progress in understanding what these cycles occur.

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More specialised courses not the way forward

by Niamh Mullooly

Greater specialisation of science courses at third level over the last decade has co-incided with the fall off in applications for science and engineering courses by school leavers. It would be far better - for attracting students - to have less narrow and specialised course options on offer.

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Castlecomer Coal

by Tom Kennedy

Ireland never had the coal reserves of its near neighbour Britain, where it was a huge factor in industrialisation. However, that's not to say that Ireland has no coal, and here we report on the mines near Castelcomer Co Kilkenny, where once hundreds of miners tunnelled deep into an ancient swamp to dig out enough coal to fill three train loads per day.

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