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Blue or Pink?

What determines gender balance? Julia Galbenu takes a look at how temperature can affect the gender outcome of offspring.

Dirty Old Town

Tom Kennedy takes an in depth look at Dublin’s Industrial Heritage. A thousand year unbroken record of making things.

The Shapeshifting Punk

Sive Finlay investigates a frog that can not only change its camouflage but is even able to change its shape.


Margaret Franklin, co-author of "Colour; what we see and the science behind sight", explores the dual nature of Light.

How does a Fuel Cell work?

Jacob O'Neal gives an overview of the inner workings of fuel cell technology.

Insects on the Menu?

One Young Scientists project to put crickets rather than beef on the menu.

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by Sean Duke

Ireland's real-life 'Batwoman' Dr Emma Teeling, has spent her career studying bats, creatures she finds 'fascinating' for many reasons including flight and echo-location. Highly articulate, fast-talking and hugely enthusiastic, Emma - -- Director of the Centre for Irish Bat Research and a highly regarded UCD researcher -- is like a walking advertisement for a career in science. A few minutes talking to her, and it's clear, she just loves her work.

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Making best use of radio spectrum

by Sean Duke

The spectrum of radio frequencies is the raw material that facilitates the communication of all kinds of devices in the modern world. At the moment, these frequencies are typically divided up rigidly, with different frequencies allocated for different purposes. However, Dr Linda Doyle, at the Centre for Telecommunications Value-Chain Research (CTVR) is pushing, along with her colleagues, for a more flexible, dynamic approach.

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The inventive mind of Leonardo da Vinci

by Eoin Gill

The Codex Leicester, Leonardo's draft of notes and drawings about the nature of water, relates to a huge diversity of scientific fields including astronomy, atmospherics, geology, hydraulics and mecahines. An exhibition of these notes is on display until 12th August at Dublin's Chester Beatty Library. Eoin Gill here describes a man that was so far ahead of his time that many of his ideas had been re-discoveredc by others before his original notes in 'mirror writing' came to public attention.

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